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Volume 68, Issue 3, Wednesday, August 28, 2002


Mums the word on a starting QB

By Geronimo Rodriguez
The Daily Cougar

The Cougar football team may or may not have a quarterback situation on their hands.

Brian Viney/The Daily Cougar

Junior quarterback Nick Eddy watches from the sideline during a summer practice. Head coach Dana Dimel still hasn't announced whether Eddy or redshirt freshman Barrick Nealy will start against Rice on Saturday.

But whether junior Nick Eddy or freshman Barrick Nealy lead the offense, head coach Dana Dimel believes the 0-for-2001 team will be in good
hands come game-time Saturday night.

"We have competition that can't be hidden," Dimel said. "Both Nick and Barrick are in a pretty heated battle right now. (But) we won't make a
decision on that until game time."

The head coach also doesn't "want to rotate quarterbacks, after that, I want to go with one guy," Dimel said.

Eddy, who had been nursing a hamstring injury, participated fully in practice Monday after watching the team's four scrimmage games from the

Nealy has split most of the preseason snaps with senior Torrence Botts, but since Eddy's return "both guys are splitting the reps in practice,"
Dimel said.

Eddy could have returned to full practice Thursday, and making such a pivotal decision on the day of the season opener has nothing to do with
Eddy's health, Dimel said.

With the newly added depth, Dimel wants his initial decision to both set the tone for the season and let the team know how well prepared they
are going into the season.

"I'd like to have one guy do it for the whole season, but I'd like to have an understanding that if we went to our two that there wouldn't be a big
difference," Dimel said. "A lot of the evaluation's going to come from the first ball game and how we perform."

Dimel said he is also aware that juggling the quarterbacks during the preseason might affect the team's timing and cohesiveness.

"You have to be careful of that, because the team starts to form a chemistry," Dimel said. "We're practicing that way, but when we get to a game
I'd like to see who our starter is and go with it from there."

With the Rice game weighing heavily on the Cougar's quarterback situation, Dimel said he doesn't want to overlook the team's anticipation
heading into the cross-town rivals' home.

"I think the general attitude of the Houston Cougar football team right now is that we're very anxious to get a football game played," Dimel said.
"But there's still work to be done to get yourself prepared as you need to be."

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