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Volume 68, Issue 45, Monday, October 28, 2002

Arts & Entertainment


College swimsuit calendar on sales at Rothers, 
UH bookstore
From classic wartime pin-ups to Playboy, America has come to embrace, even collect, pictures of women who pose for calendars. For most, thereis nothing like the pastime of bringing together a few beautiful, bikini-clad women to remind you what month it is.

Moore's 'Bowling' takes aim at Heston, has NRA 
in the crosshairs
As quickly as a bullet leaves the barrel of a gun, Michael Mooreis new documentary Bowling for Columbine flies from outright hilarious to horrifyingly tragic.

Hobbit Café brings tasty dishes to life
I am strung lights and trusses, long vines on latticework and long smiles on faces. I am the tree grown through the boards of the patio, cell by cell. I am the clatter of cups and din of dish. I am the tale of talk. Houston, you know, where might I be?

Classy 'La Bohéme' revels at the HGO
There are those who think Houston lacks grandeur. They might make references to cowboy boots, barbecue, pick-up trucks or some other facet of our classic cowboy culture. These pessimists fail to appreciate outlaw chic. They must also have missed the opening performance of the Houston Grand Opera, "grand" being the pivotal word.

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