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Volume 69, Issue 106, Monday, March 9, 2004

Arts & Entertainment


Gays find victory in box office success
With sodomy laws repealed and gay marriage on the minds of millions, Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson's Starsky and Hutch, a movie Lawrence Toppman of The Charlotte Observer refers to as "the first openly gay cop-buddy comedy from a big studio," brought more strength to a growing movement this weekend as it raked in $29 million. 

Real people live in 'City of God'
Come watch the Brazilian chicken run in the favellas of Rio. Let the salsa, funk, disco, jazz and soul drag you down in the ironic cha cha cha of Brazil's City of God. The film by the same name has scenes that involve traveling through the 1960s and 1970s and jumping from one gangster biography to another to bring the webbed tragedy of the hoodlums to your seat.

Butterfly shakes up modern banalities
In the age of barely-beaded pop princesses and oversexed eye candy, "musicians" place music secondary to music videos that cannot be shown before midnight even on cable channels. 

Red Tape puts out true mainstream punk rock
Roadrunner Records has earned a well-deserved reputation of supporting edgy bands of varying sounds. In that respect, Red Tape is nothing out of the ordinary. Yet there's something undeniably quaint and unique about a semi-mainstream band that still designs and distributes its own fliers and merchandise.

Living End satisfies its fans
The Living End has a certain charm that proves the definition of aesthetic. The little ska band from Down Under is more concerned with the pure emotion and sensation that is driven into ska-infused rockabilly rather than constructing highly thought-provoking music. 


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