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Volume 69, Issue 106, Monday, March 9, 2004

Arts & Entertainment

Butterfly shakes up modern banalities

Artist's original sound combats radio fluff, today's pre-packaged musicians

By Portia-Elaine Gant
The Daily Cougar

In the age of barely-beaded pop princesses and oversexed eye candy, "musicians" place music secondary to music videos that cannot be shown before midnight even on cable channels. 

This generation's musical tastes are looked down upon, and it's no wonder when so-called artists degrade the English language with simple and offensive lyrics.

Butterfly Boucher, though slightly off the mark, is working to combat the notion that this generation of musicians is untalented. 

With a musical diversity that is alien today, the eccentrically named Boucher wrote, arranged and performed all 12 tracks on her debut album Flutterby. Though her style seems slightly contrived, her music offers something less melodramatic than Avril Lavigne or Fefe Dobson while retaining a similar quality of music.

Vocally, she is no competition for artists like Sheryl Crow, but she certainly showcases versatility on her first effort. 

But "Don't Point, Don't Scare It" has a vocal sound closely related to Shirley Manson. However, the way she croons on "I Can't Make Me" almost arouses sympathy for Boucher rather than for the man who can't make her love him. 

And the matter-of-fact and slightly sassy tone in which she decides she wants her "Soul Back" is respectable, even sexy.

Marring her near perfect record is "Never Leave Your Heart Alone," which does drag, but "Busy" follows up with a jazzy intro that forgives its predecessor. 

The album is much like a story with a more pop-rock exposition. "Life is Short," reaches its climax with "A Walk Outside" and it finds its resolution in "Drift On," a mellow but not dreary ending track. Boucher, who is currently touring with Sarah McLachlan and the Barenaked Ladies, could make more than a flutter in music history if marketed well.

Butterfly Boucher


A&M Records

The verdict: Boucher flies to heights of originality not touched by many of today's artists.
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