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Volume 69, Issue 106, Monday, March 9, 2004



Computers not reliable friends
Robot friends are not reliable friends, yet we turn to them every day. Things like computers and compact discs store information. Sounds, sights and memory for our eyes, ears and brain are in our robot friends ? mechanical extensions of our selves.

Concern for life crosses party lines
Germany's justice minister recently attempted to pass a ruling stating that embryos conceived outside of the womb should not be given human-dignity protection. Apparently he feels such embryos are not quite human enough. Fortunately, he failed to pass this ruling because of strong opposition, but you'll never guess who led the opposition.

Hospital a link to Houston's past
Yesterday, I visited the haunted hospital. It stands abandoned just outside of downtown on Elder Street. Graffiti covers the front entrance as a sad reminder of all the neglect and disrespect this plot of land has endured. 

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