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Submit Your Campus Spotlight Items Online!

Submission of Announcements

Spotlight items may be submitted three ways: deliver the written announcement by hand to the Cougar newsroom, 160 Communication Building; fax the item to 713.743.5384, attention: Spotlight Editor; send it via campus mail to Campus Spotlight, STP 4015; or e-mail the necessary information to . Convenient Spotlight Item Forms are available in the Cougar newsroom and in the Campus Activities office, University Center Underground, but the forms are not necessary to submit an announcement. If you choose not to use a form, remember to include the day and date of the event, the event time, the precise event location (including building and room name or number), the sponsoring organization(s), a brief description of the event, the name and telephone number of a contact (which will be printed in the newspaper unless otherwise requested), and any e-mail address or Web site that is relevant to the item. Please note that absolutely no announcements will be taken over the telephone or voice mail. 
Spotlight Policy

Su bmitting an announcement to the Campus Spotlight is not a guarantee that the item will be published, as all items are chosen for publication at the discretion of The Daily Cougar editorial staff. All published items are subject to editing on the basis of content, style  and space considerations. An item will cease to be published one week after it first appears in the Spotlight, or on the day the event described in the item occurs, whichever comes first. The Campus Spotlight is a free service provided to the University of Houston community by The Daily Cougar. Spotlight items are not advertisements and are not subject to any of the regulations and restrictions set by The Daily Cougar advertising department. The University, The Daily Cougar and the Department of Student Publications are in no way responsible for any actual or perceived results of the publication of a Spotlight item. Organizations and individuals are limited to two Spotlight item submissions per week.


If you believe the information in a Campus Spotlight item is incorrect or incomplete, call 713.743.5360 or e-mail .

For More Information

If you have any questions regarding the Campus Spotlight, please call 713.743.5360 or e-mail .


Fill in this form to submit your Spotlight Item online:

Day, Day and Time of the event: 

Precise event location, including building and room name/number:

Sponsoring Organization(s): 

Brief description of event and other necessary information:

For more information, contact (name): 

Telephone number of contact (with area code):

Event e-mail address or Web site: 

Name, phone number, or e-mail address
of person submitting this form:

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